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Economics Horizons Co. is considered one of the biggest advertising agencies in the Arab world and Middle East. Economics Horizons Agency represents several big Arab websites that include finance, business, news, entertainment, economics, financial markets, training and public websites. Economics Horizons Co. was established in 2003 and located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Economics Horizons Co. aims at developing the e-marketing solutions. We bring the advertisers with the publishers to make each side achieve the best results to its investment. We are also co-operating with an international network of advertising agencies all over the world.
The majority of websites we represent is specialized in the financial markets including the Saudi Stock Market, Foreign Exchange, Gulf Markets and North Africa Stock Markets. We believe that the e-marketing is one of the most effective solutions for any company nowadays.
Ten years ago, the number of internet users in the Arab world was three million users, now the Arab users on the web exceeded 68 million users. This fact reflects the importance of our role to help the advertisers get the target leads and the publishers to achieve the success of the websites.
Economic Horizons Co. for advertising is considered the first Saudi advertising company that is authorized from Communication and Information Technology Commission, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Trade.

We are the exclusive media agent for several websites such as: