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Based on specialization in electronic marketing and advertising; Economy Horizons provides you with access to millions of consumers in the Middle East. We are continuously endeavoring to promote and develop our services in order to meet and satisfy requirements of this immense market as well as achieve objectives of marketing campaigns of our customers. Our marketing solutions vary to comply with objectives of our customers and providing accuracy in targeting customer segments. If your business in available on the internet, or even a traditions business, pacing the first step in the internet world; then you have to market your brand on the internet. Our marketers team will be your guide to form the most suitable strategy for marketing via internet and to achieve your objectives and targets. The most important element in any e-marketing campaign is the availability of electronic domain representing the axis of such campaign. Our mission is represented in attracting targeted visitors and ensure that those visitors shall reach the main objective of the campaign. This objective may be selling products, enquire for products, register or subscribe. All domains on the internet have these targets and objectives and wish to achieve the same through its e-marketing campaign.

Advertising Banners

ads Since foundation of the internet and up to this moment; Banner advertisements play a main and significant role in e-marketing. These Banner advertisements are commonly known with its incomparable effect and deserve full investment thereof. Your will note the same when you witness an increase in value of your sales. Economy Horizons provides an advertising network including various Arabian domains in various aspects enabling you to access wide targeted segments.

E-Mail Marketing

mail Currently, almost nobody in the community has no private e-mail. Delivering your advertising message via the e-mail enables you to build relations with your targeted customers and segments, in addition to potential customers. This method provides you with capability to communicate with them for both segments.

Google Ad words

The advertising program of Google “Google Adwords” is considered the most immense advertising program available on the internet. This program enables you to display your ads through research results’ page as well as display your ads in common content pages of this program. This method proved significant success where you will pay only based on performance of your ads; this means when somebody clicks the same. This is considered an exceptional effective method in terms of cost as well as good strategy for e-marketing, where you will pay only when you attain results! Based on specialty in e-marketing and e-Marketing as well as the cumulative expertise thereof; Economy Horizons is capable to design and run your advertising campaign through this complicated advertising program in terms of focusing on your targeted segment and attain better results for your campaign with least cost.


sms Middle East market is deemed one of the greatest global markets for mobile telephone. This fact provides you with great and unique opportunity to access your targeted segment through mobiles. We have our special programs providing you with opportunity to publish your marketing message in various forms. We will provide you with assistance in forming your advertising message to achieve optimum results as well as deliver the same to targeted segments of your advertising campaign.


webs It is extraordinary that most web development companies who endeavor much; do not realize a main fact that domain is the main marketing tool. Minimized sites are considered an effective marketing tool if you want to focus on your product and display features and advantages thereof effectively. Such sites are often constitute of one page only. We have the specialized team that will assist you in such regard. Based on our long expertise; we will create an effective and sufficient site for you stabilizing your trademark in the mentality of your targeted segment.